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Dating Safety Tips

Before looking for Mr. or Miss Right through websites, use these 10 online dating safety tips. The world is not a safe place when single and looking for companionship. People with ulterior motives lurk everywhere and keeping safe should be a top priority. Social networking has added to this safety concern so take great precaution when searching online for a person to start a relationship with.

  1. Set up an anonymous email account. Never use real name when looking for a date on an online website. Keeping real names out of the mix is important when starting to date. Use a simple email address to attach to the online dating website's account. Too many people can search names online and this may cause an issue when online dating.
  2. Guard telephone numbers and contact. Only give out a telephone number after a certain comfort level is met. This is one of the most important online dating safety tips is to be weary of the people conversing with. Extra precaution shouldn't be overlooked. Once a contact number is given, harassment could ensue.
  3. Feeling the pressure. If the other person is very persistent about meeting or the conversation immediately turns too sexual for comfort, leave the person behind quickly. No one needs to tolerate other's stupidity or fetishes.
  4. Meet up publicly. Don't worry about being too hesitant after the comfort level is increased. But when it comes time to meet in person, pick a very active, lively and populated location. A big recommendation here is to meet during daytime hours. Save the night meeting or late night dinner outing for later. This is another important online dating safety tip to consider.
  5. Remain clear headed. Don't drink alcohol and keep thoughts real. Alcohol lessens a person's inhibitions and can become a hazard when meeting someone.
  6. Leave out personal information. People may tend to over-share so keep personal information to a minimum. Leave out the name of the city residing in, where employed and graduating high school. All this information can assist someone searching online for exact location or identity theft. This needs to be one of the most important online dating safety tips. Less is better when meeting someone new.
  7. Tell someone. Always tell someone reliable about the date, meeting place and name of date. Never go in blind and keep this a secret. The more people who know the safer the date can be.
  8. Go Dutch. Old fashioned or currently popular when dating, always split the bill. This can be an important idea when meeting up with a person. This way no miscommunication of repayment can be considered.
  9. Go with the gut. Trusting instincts is very important when online dating. This is a crucial online dating safety tip for every woman or man on the sating scene. If someone gives the impression of lies, be leery and don't meet up in person.
  10. Meet up. Don't let the other person drive. Meet this person at the designated location. This is a significant idea for online dating safety. Each person arrives separately and leaves separately.