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To edit your profile you must login to the site and then click on the "Home" menu tab. Then select the "edit profile" submenu. Once you have done this you'll be on the edit profile page where you'll be able to edit your profile.
Your profile shows you to other people, lets to understand your intentions, dating preferences and much more! If someone looks at your profile and there's not much there, why would they contact you? Even if you're a very attractive person, people won't be interested so much as they won't know who you are.

Don't forget to upload photos and videos to get more matches and views for your profile! Identify your likes and dislikes! Find your life partner as fast as you could with a fully filled profile!
If you just want to see your profile the way it will display for other users you can just do a "username search" for yourself.
The "My Account Balance" section is where you upload funds to use for non membership things. For example you can use funds from this account to buy another member a fancy e-card!

To add funds to your "My Account Balance" press Update account link and follow instructions.
Yes, there's a crop tool that will allow you to cut the best suitable image from the photo and save it. You can do it from your Profile editing page: upload your photo and press "ReCrop" button.
You'll get an alert to your main email address if you someone sends you a card.
At our site you should choose an ecard and then the recipient for it. You can also personalize it with your text and music. Then send it to a user. Your recipient will get it in his or her insite mailbox and an alert to main email address.
Your profile password is changed from My Account page - My registration information.
There's a special section that shows you latest ECards, Popular Cards and ECards categories to choose from.
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